Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What kind of truck do you have?
    We use from 1 ton diesel dually’s, to full size semi’s depending on the size of the boat.
  2.  Do I need to be there to release the boat? Or can the broker release it?
    The broker can release the boat.
  3. Is there a descriptive inventory done on the condition of the boat before it loads?
    We do have a check list and notate any damages. Re-check with list on arrival.
  4. Can the boat be placed directly in the water?
    Yes, we can wet launch in freshwater only for an additional charge.
  5. If there are damages how do claims get handled?
    We have cargo insurance and we would submit it to progressive directly.
  6. Will your driver have all blocking etc.?
    We have all the bunks and supports to hold the boat on our trailer. Boat should be prepared for transport when we arrive.The marina will set it on our trailer and we will strap it down, put up flags and banners then hit the road.